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how to import a sysex file into logic pro


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This is my first post.


I downloaded the newest os for my alesis micron from alesis' web page. As far as I understand all I need to do is to import the sysex file into logic, prepare the micron to recieve os update and then press play on logic...


My problem is that I can't import the sysex file. If I drag it into the logic invironment nothing happens and if I doubleclick the sysex file and try to open it with logic I can't do it...


I've tried the manual, but no help there...





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I think the Sysex Data you have must be converted in some way. I had a look at the file - It seems to be the plain sysex message. There might be tools to convert it into a MIDI file that can be loaded by logic and then transferred to the micron by playing the track, but I'm not sure there are such tools for the Mac. Googling the thing I found a DOS tool called SYX2MIDI that might do the job on a PC. Hope this helps.
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