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How do I Beat Map???


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I am trying to take the accapella of a song (I have the original song) and add apple loop beats to it. When I try to get the Beat Map detection of the original song, it works out fine in audio track 1. Then I add the accapella to audio track 2 but when I try to add apple loops in audio 3, they are off beat. It just doesnt seem like they are matching to the beat of the original track or the accapella.


Any tips?

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Firstly make sure the region with the original track in starts right on the first beat. Open it in the sample editor to get this really accurate. Beat mapping might have worked out the tempo but if there is a little bit of space before the first beat, really tightly-edited professionally made loops aren't going to sound lined up with it properly.


If it is sequenced track with a solid tempo don't use any beat mapping detection. This is just Logic guessing the tempo from transients in the waveform. Do it accurately by using your ears.


Reduce the region to (for example) four bars. Mark a loop of the same amount of bars at the top of the arrange page then set the tempo by the region size. I think "T" is the default key command for this.


Also, don't keep your accappella in one long file. Chop it up into sections. That way you can fit those onto the beat rather than fitting the beat to the vocal, plus you can rearrange it.

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