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Reason is being unreasonable!


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Sometimes for whatever reason (hehe), Reason will crash and I cant open it again unless I restart the computer. very annoying.


This is the message:


Could not connect to the reason engine

The reason engine is already in use

make sure you only run one instance of reason


When it crashes, apple + alt + esc shows no sign of Reason, so how do I quit it properly so I can open it again?


Ta for the help!

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Reason can crash for a number of reasons... (heheagain)


Thing is, there is a Rewire driver runing in the background, and when reason crashes, it doesn't 'tell' rewire. Since Reason is a slave through rewire, it must be shut down before Logic knows to quit.


I run an MBox and have had frequent crashes in Reason and Logic Pro. I suspect it has something to do with my USB 1.0 interface...


One note, there is a patch for Reason 3 that was released not to long ago that fixes some inefficiencies in rewire when running under Logic Pro. You might want to check that out. I've found I can do a lot more without taxing the CPU with the new version. Additionally, although it could be my imagination, I seem to have had less crashes since then.



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