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Invalid audio Header?

Eric Wikman

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Yesterday recording lots of vocals, I did a short pass, and when I played it back for review, had a huge steady blast of noise over top of the music.

Only option was to re-start everything.

Once I opened the song back up, Logic gave an error message of ... Invalid Audio Header... with choices to "Cancel or Repair".

So I selected Repair... and went back to work recording.

Anyone know what this was, why it happened and how I might avoid it again?

Will it come up again in this song or others, if something is wrong?


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If the audio file is aiff or a similar type containing plain sample values, one value consists of two or more bytes. The header contains some additional information/description. If the header is damaged, the audio data might be played back with an offset so that (for example) most and least significant bytes are exchanged which leads to nonsense (and noisy) data. The audio data is still there, but the reading mechanism freaks out (metaphorically speaking). Logic seems to be able to rebuild the header for the most likely senseful result.

But I have no idea why it happened.

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