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What are the CC values for REs & Cutoff & Filter?

Eric Wikman

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I am programming presets for my Axon AX-50 Guitar > midi converter.

It lets you have your picking position send CC info.

I have got it working for things like Volume (#11) and pan etc, (which I don't want to use)...

but I can't seem to find/get working the CC values for Res & Cutoff & Filter?

Are they diff for each synth?

I was just using some of Logic built in plugin for testing so far.


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you need to cable the channel strip with the plug in to a monitor object in the environment. then, by turning the knobs you want values for, you will able to see what their FADER values are.
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Thanks for that info. I got that working.

However, the numbers shown in the Monitor don't match up (from what I've tried so far).

I got the BassStation to work with cutoff & Rez.

Although the Monitor showed #16 & 17 when I turned the dials on the plugin, but I had to use CC105 & 106...(from the Axon software presets) to actually move the BassStations dials.

ES1 was similiar... showed #10 & #7, but when I set those numbers, something else would be controlled.

Still digging.

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strangeness indeed.


some plugins, such as ultrabeat, have too many parameters for logic's fader system to work (several knobs to produce the same values, etc.) but synths like the es1 and bassstation should be fine. in the past i've got knobs-a-plenty plugins such as izotopes trash up and running hassle free.


make sure you're using FADER and not CONTROL data when you assign stuff. The monitor uses little icons on the far left to indicate what sort you're dealing with—F stands for fader, and a little fader stands for CONTROL (go figure). To convert the input from your MIDI controller into FADER data, stick a transformer object in the signal path, between the controller and the channel strip.


hope that helps

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