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Logic 7.2 and the new MBP or Dual/Quad MacPros


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I'm at a cross roads at the moment and I'm just wondering if you guys would be able to help me out?


My G5 (1.8DP) is kinda noisey, hot, annoyingly overloaded (especially with NI Massive..lol) and its time for a change. I'm toying with the idea of a new MBP or if/when Apple announce new MacPro's next week a MacPro/2.66.


I'm just after some opinions on Logic and MBP's, if its a stable and useable platform to work on? I like the look of the new 2.4ghz MBP's and the possibility of integrating Ableton Live with my DJ setups. But Logic is my "wow" (no offence) and I'm undecided if moving from the G5 1.8DP to the MBP would be a big improvement. I imagine the laptop would be a lot more quieter than the MacPro but in terms of plugins/FX etc, is there going to be much of an improvement from the G5?


I was thinking of going for the 2.4 15" with the faster 7200.2 HD (i dont mind the 4-6 week wait) and buying a Motu Ultralite and a firewire caddy/hd for a 320gb Seagate.


Then with the MacPro, its going to be really more powerful but then there's no portability.


Hope you guys can help,



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Trust me, the previous and newest MBP machines are able to handle more that you can throw at your current G5.


I doubt a new Mac Pro will be announced soon as the 8-core was only just announced a little while back. Then again, Apple always do the unexpected.


What you have in mind sounds like a dream system.


My MBP (see my signature for spec) is not the newest model anymore, but it's still absolutely amazing performance.


Good luck.

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I have my order in for the Mac Pro 2.66 model.

I've been playing around with an Intel HackinTosh 2.13 and power wise is covers it.

It's just not stable enough.

I have my Sata Audio drive Sata Samples drive and my Sata Au instruments on yet another drive so the MacPro for me only.

She comes June 15th just when I hear Lepard beta comes out.... :D

If you can imagine, my G4 1.25 Mdd will pay for the upgrade in ram to 4(2-2gigs)gigs of ram :?



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I have the first generation MBP, I got mine like 5 weeks after they started to ship. Logic is still taking it quite well. Even more so when I rewire with Live. Just remember to look at getting more memory for it later on when 2gb chips fall in price.
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