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Deleting everything within selected bars


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Hi guys


I've been trying to work this out, I used to do it quite simply in Sonar. I'm editing a song and want to just delete everything within a selection of bars. Basically I'm trying to cut an intro to half it's length. The only way I can work out how to do it in Logic so far is to cut each region on each track on both sides of the area I want to get rid of, deleting that new region, selecting all regions on all tracks that follow the gap and dragging them back to join up with the rest of the song.


Surely there's a more straghtforward way to do this?


In a related sort of way, I'd like to know how to do this kind of vertical selection of all tracks for copying and pasting functions too. For example, if I want to copy an entire chorus and paste it onto the end of the song. In Sonar this used to be really simple, I would just select, copy, then click on the area where I wanted to paste. It would ask how many times I wanted to paste it, and if I wanted to overwrite what was in that position or slide it to the end of the pasted section.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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