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wtf?? sample rate 79.00098??? help!!


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hi recorded a tune at 88.2 but now it plays back all distorted

and sometimes says sample rate 79.00054 detected and wont play atall

then it comes good and plays ok ??!!


any ideas?


Your cpu is probably being overtaxed. Try freezing the tracks and see if it solves the problem. Of course, then the reading from your hard drive may be overtaxed.


Higher sample rates really do tax a system.

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cool ok at least there seems to be a reason...


but whats freeze track?


would it help if i converted the files to 44.1?






I do not spoon feed. Read the manual starting at page 196.


And yes it would help if you converted the files to 44.1 but then you must change your Logic song to 44.1 and it may play havoc with your midi parts/plug-ins etc.

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