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Environment switch to disable Master volume fader.


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If I am working late at night & need to keep the volume low I add a Master volume fader to the environment so I can use that without disturbing the level I've got set on my Stereo Output. When I need to Bounce or work at a normal listening level I just delete that Master fader to get a decent level again.


I'm just wondering what I would need to do to add some kind of switch to enable & disable it so I don't have to keep adding & deleting it?

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Easy... go to the layer in you environment where the Master Fader lives.


In the local menu goto: New/Fader/Button 5


Patch the output of the button object into the Master Fader.


Click on Button 5's name to select it.


Goto the Object Parameter box and change the range to 25 90.


Click the button to toggle between 0dB (90) and the lower level which I randomly made 25.


You can now easily switch levels!!

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Thanks for that. It doesn't do what I was asking for, which is to completely disable the Master volume so the overall volume is being controlled by the Output 1-2 again. However I could use this button cabled to Output 1-2 to quickly return it to 0db which is usually where I try & keep it at for a decent bounce level,


Or maybe I'm missing something here!?!?!? Am I right in thinking that if the Master is on 0db, it will have no affect in the level of the Output? In which case yes it does work! :D


I'm also about to try & adapt David's MonitorSwitcher.lso download here for switching between three separate stereo outs. I'm sure I could just exchange one of those output faders for a Master.




....... ok I just tried that but it doesn't work because when the Output 1-2 is switched on the Master is muted which means no sound comes from Output 1-2 either.

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