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Tempo Resolution


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Greetings everyone, Could someone please help me out here.

I recorded some vocal tracks a couple of months ago in a digital multi track recorder & now is time to record my vocal track in Logic throught my Apogee ensemble input 1 midi in out (play,stop). The tempo of the recorded song in Logic is 77.0000 however as soon as I press play on the multi track rec enable in Logic, the tempo changes from 78.3751 to 76.8275. as a press stop a pop up menu opens saying tempo recording, Which tempo resolution? high, normal, constant. Also the tempo list is full of diffrent tempo's. one more thing, my bass track, guitare track & midi instruments are all in diffrent tempo's which is total chaos.

Can someone guide me in setting a fix tempo of 77.0000.

Thanks in advance.

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at least one of you can help me out!!! :(


Open the Tempo List and select all. Hit delete. There will be one tempo event left. Set it to the tempo you want.


Next time be a little more patient. A lot of us are in different time zones, indeed different parts of the world here, so the person with the answer is not always here.

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