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i have the matrix editor opened, i have selected the step input button, no joy.

i am using a korg k25 keyboard just like the keyboards that we used in class. when i open the transport i can see midi changes when i key the keyboard.

what am i doing wrong?

David, thanks for the great class. i am so greatful for the chanced to learn to use logic at such a pwerful level. but why oh why can i not do step input?

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Most of the time the problem is that you're looking at the wrong region in the matrix. Step input will only work if the region displayed by the Matrix is on the rec-armed track.


I would close the matrix, and double-click a region that is on the rec-armed track (or pencil one in if necessary). Then click the Toggle MIDI In button so it's red, and play your keyboard.


Let me know! And thanks for the kind words, it was great spending the past 3 days with you guys.

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