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thanks for all of your help. i'm finally on board.


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thanks everyone... and David for running this forum. i've been asking questions here for a few months as i prepared to make the move from an Opcode Vision/DA88 setup to a DAW setup. and so many of you have been helpful.


last week i finally pulled the trigger and bought Logic Pro 7. and so far i am thrilled. the midi implementation made logic a very smooth transition for me from Vision. and as for the rest of logic having a steep learning curve, i couldn't be happier... because that indicates how deeply capable it is. (i imagine the space shuttle has a steep learning curve too.)


just for kicks, I thought i'd share a short list of my new setup now that the marriage between my older gear and my new purchases is underway.



Logic Pro 7, MOTU Ultralite, Wavearts Trackplug, Multidynamics, Finalplug, PSP Vintage Warmer2, Synthogy Ivory, DFH custom&vintage.



Fender Rhodes suitcase 73

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS


Roland Super Jupiter

PPG 2.3

ARP Odyssey

Roland JD-800

Roland Super JD

Korg Wavestation SR

Emu Morpheus

Yamaha KX88 controller

4 Yamaha DX7 modules in a rack.

various analog toys

various guitars and stuff.


In the not too distant future, I hope i'll be able to offer help to others who come here with that confused look on their faces as i did.


thanks again.


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Don't take it personally :D Welcome. We're just pissed off at you because you owe a real Rhodes and we don't!


And you're right, it's a great Forum full of knowledgable and generous people

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Cheers to Syncsailor from the Far North!


I too have found this forum a real bastion of honest opinion and assistance.

But without a real issue to solve, many of the brood are probably busy helping out another.


I'm busy wiping the drool off my chin from your gear list - which now includeds everything in LP7!


Make some Noize!

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