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Regrets after the 10.4.9 & Pro App Support upgrades!

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Well I finally got round to doing them & ........

At least 6 AUs no longer pass the validation anymore! Would this be due to the OS upgrade or the ProApp Support upgrade? I can still use them in Gold 6 & I've "forced" a couple of them with the AU Manager so I can still use them in Pro 7. They are in nearly every song & I've never had trouble with them before so I'm fairly confident they won't cause me trouble, despite the dire warning I now get every time I launch Logic.


I've also noticed a couple of really useful Finder key commands have disappeared. For years I've used Control & the CD Eject key to Restart, & Control, Option(Alt), Command plus the Eject key to Shut Down. Perhaps they've been removed as a safety feature because the latter didn't give any warning window that it was shutting down. I'm really missing those. I need to see if I can create an Automator action to run the same task & assign those keys with Keyboard Maestro.


Has anyone else lost favourite features in the Finder, Logic or any other apps?

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Justin, ever since the upgrade i've had a couple of issues. A few of my AUs no longer pass validation (they are Waves plugins) and Logic has been crashing to desktop frequently. I am barely using any of my system resources so I know I can rule that out. I went to the Waves site and the validation thing is a known issue. They say keep using the plugins and everything should be fine. I decided to disable those particular AUs and use the Logic native plugins instead. So far after considerable use, no crashes to desktop.
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Luckily my validation failing AUs are all freeware, not expensive things like Waves.


When I rescan any of them & check through the Audio Unit Validation Result sheet they pass on everything except this final line:


Checking parameter setting

Using AudioUnitSetParameter

Using AudioUnitScheduleParameter

ERROR: Buffer overun was detected when rendering


* * FAIL


Does this mean anything to anyone here? Does it sound really serious?

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