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what's a good controller keyboard?

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Hey guys, I have Logic Pro X but I have no keyboards to control it. I tried using remote control in my iPad but it just doesn't work properly, and also it's to small to actually play in it.


I need to buy a good controller, but not too expensive, I just need it for the sensitive notes and a minimum of space to play. I saw Kork Microjey controller 37 notes and it looks alright.. the only thing is that it doesn't have a sustain pedal, wich can be a problem.


Any suggestions?


Thank you very much.



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Hmm. Sorry, you asked for inexpensive, which the Novation really isn't. It is worth the investment though, imo. Cheap ones will feel cheap, and likely not have after-touch capability. Although I haven't used it as a controller for a while, I remember that it seemed to work quite well with Logic.
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