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Weird chorusing in one project?


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I had a really strange issue while recording a single vocal track into a project with some already existing tracks from a different session: I got pretty much a chorus with a bit of reverb feel to it although I had absolutely no effects like that anywhere and the vocal track was the only track with my "Input 2" going into it... I had record enabled the track and hit the monitoring "I" and there it was, a lush chorus and reverb! The actual recorded signal, however, was dry as expected.

I checked the other tracks, I had no groups nor any bus-routing going on, everything went right out to Stereo Out, no sends. There is no internal routing in my Duet2 or at least none that I am using.


So then I opened a different project, again added a new track with the mic from "Input 2" without touching the interface or its driver software... and everything was as expected, just the dry mic signal!


Obviously there must have been a copy of the original mic signal getting routed around and output with a tiny bit of delay or something but I have no idea what I must have missed that would do that!

Any idea what could have caused that weird chorusing effect or what else I should check except track inputs, outputs and sends?

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