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Choosing/activiting a certain track with a MIDI controller


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Hello! how's everyone?

I've been googling this for a while and for some reason I can't figure out how to do it.


I have a Midi keyboard connected to logic. I would like to use it in a live setting and be able to press assign a key on the midi controller to select a certain track - this is because I'd like to change the sounds i'm using live on stage without having to press down/up buttons on my computer keyboard.

is it possible to assign a button on the midi controller to function as the "down/up" button, or - even better - to assign a certain button to select a specific track? (just like I would press a button on a keyboard to activate a certain pre-saved patch)


I assume it would have to do with the "learn mode" thing but I still can't figure it out.


Thank you very much!

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Friend, this is deep in the weeds, but in the following link, you can see that I pursued the same basic question. Shivermetimbers and Fader8 helped solve it. I use my Nanopad to select tracks with this template.


To borrow from Kipling, "there are one hundred ways of [making tribal lays] changing sounds by remote, and every one of them is right."


The solutions you're getting are a shorter distance between two points, and it may be best to use them. MainStage is intended to facilitate the very thing you seek. By the way, you can also select tracks remotely using Logic Remote and an iPad.


As for the weeds:



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Hey Everyone, thanks so much for the help.



thank you! I've tried your method and it seemed to work, I was able to assign a button on my midi controller (a Nord) to "select" a certain track, but once the track was selected, the second I started to hit the keys on the keyboard to start playing, Logic completely freaked - like an epilepsy attack.


I've tried it again by setting up another "fake" control surface but the same thing happened. do you happen to know what may have been the problem?


thanks a ton!


(I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.7 on a Macbook Pro, OS X 10.9.5 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory of 16GB, Nord Stage EX that is connected to a USB audio interface (Focusrite Scarlette)

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