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Talkback mic with a Duet

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Hey everyone, I have been struggling to configure a talkback system between my control desk and the vocalist in my booth with a usb mic at my desk. I have tried a couple times based on the videos and the tutorials and even found a template on how to make a control strip in Logic9 for the talkback mics, but I am having no luck. I'm not sure if the Apogee duet changes things, and I haven't ever found any resources online that could instruct me how to configure my talkback mic properly with the duet, so I am confused. When I go to prepare the talkback mic as an aggregate device, it seems like I can get the talkback mic to work without the duet, but I need them to work together. I guess I need a step by step guide that will incorporate the use of the duet? Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have...as you can see, I probably have a few knowledge gaps. :)
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I setup a talkback mic via an aggregate device made of my Duet 2 and my Internal Mic. Here is a video showing my setup:



Alternative to the setup in the video, you could setup the Duet's soft button to switch Headphone Outputs between outputs 1-2 and outputs 3-4. Then make sure that your talkback mic is set to outputs 3-4.


This way you can activate the talkback mic via the duet's buttons. The reason why I don't set it up this way is because I'd prefer to be able to hear the vocalist while they can hear me. And I want to be able to talk while playing back music, which means they all need to be on the same output.

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While I read your response a couple days after you posted, I wasn't able to get around to this until today, when I have only 5 minutes before my singer arrives. I am sorry I didn't properly thank you for this when you first posted it! Your setup and usage here is exactly like mine, so everything was a breeze. Thank you so very much...i subscribed to your youtube channel too! This forum rocks!!
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