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"record" controller assignments, to be triggered during tune


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I've just learned here how to make a controller assignment, specifically to select different tracks with buttons on my MIDI controller.


I'd like to be able to just play my parts on the keyboard while the tracks are being selected for me as the tune in running.

in other words, how can I "record" a controller assignment so when the tune is being played, at a certain spot in the tune the assignment will be activated and a new track with a new sound will be selected for me so I can keep playing without having to move my hands away from the keyboard?


Thanks so so much! I really appreciate the help here.

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Hey David, I tried recording on an "external MIDI" track and changed the port to the IAC driver

then , in controller assignments, I changed every assignment's input to the IAC driver.

it isn't working still. am I doing something wrong?

thanks so much for your help.

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First make sure you actually recorded the controller events. When you assign a MIDI message to a Logic function, it gets stripped out before it gets to the sequencer and won't get recorded on a track.


Also, the default Environment object assigned to an External MIDI track is a Multi Instrument with the channel set to 1. If your MIDI controller sends out messages on another channel, they will get "rechannelized" to 1 and your assignments won't work anymore.


So you have to do the following:


1. Make a new External MIDI track.

2. Set the Port to your IAC bus and the channel to "All".

3. With the External MIDI track in record mode, open up the Control Assignments and assign the buttons you want for track selection.


Now when you record, messages from your MIDI controller will come into Logic, get recorded on the MIDI track, then go out through the IAC bus and back into Logic again where they will be picked up by your Controller Assignments and get acted upon!

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