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Bouncing to Movie


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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone could please help me with an issue I'm having. I've searched the forums and even watched the macprovideo.com Logic / movie tutorial again and still a bit confused.


I'm currently scoring an indie film and what's happening is that each time I go to bounce the audio to movie, the audio always comes in late - sound fx, music, etc., are always behind where they should be.


I have my session set to begin at bar 1. When I first imported the clip into Logic, the movie start time actually begins at 00:00:02:11.75. Not knowing initially that I could have changed that, I left it alone and started composing. I set up Synchronization so that bar position 1 1 1 1 plays at SMPTE 0:0:0:0.0. Within the session everything plays fine, but upon export everything is completely out of sync. I even tried bouncing to an AIF file and then adding it to the QT movie directly and it's still the same. Frame rate btw was shot at 24 fps which I have setup in the Synch prefs.


I'm sure it's something simple but I've spent the past hour trying to figure this out. Any help would really be appreciated.




PPC G5 / 2.3 Ghz / 3GB Ram / 2 internal, 2 external drives / 10.4.8 / Logic Pro 7.2.3 / Apogee Ensemble

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What are your plug-in delay compensation preferences set to?


You should try to set them to all (Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio > General) and bounce to a stereo file, then reimport it an line it up with the movie (http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?p=26551#26551), then export.


Also, make sure you're not mixing it with any of the audio in the original movie file: in the last dialog after naming and choosing a location for your movie, deselect the tracks you don't want included in the movie.

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Hey David, thanks for the quick reply and here's a quick update...

Initially I had the bounce region set to go from bar 1 to bar 20. I then changed that so that the bounce would begin at the same point the movie clip begins and now everything is in sync. :D


My question though, is it not possible to have a small lead in even though the film doesn't necessarily have one? Even though the clip doesn't start until 00:00:02:11.75, I had a nice, dark pad intro that did a slow fade in before the scene began. My thinking was that the bounced QT file would have this black background with the music playing, leading into the first scene. I think I'm starting to understand that Logic has no way of creating this for you if the film doesn't have it - so essentially when I bounce the audio to movie, the region locaters have to be set exactly to the start and end points of the clip...(?)


Thanks again for the help - as always, very much appreciated.


I sent you a Myspace request btw - really diggin the tunes. 8)

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