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Recording guitar - volume change...


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Okay so bit of a noob here although have reasonable experience of logic I'm having a problem trying to record some electric guitar...

I've recorded bits before no problem (even on same song/track) but am currently trying to record a simple 8 bar pattern and for some reason the first two bars are at proper volume but then it drops right off after that. All bars are the same guitar pattern (2 bars repeated) so it's not because there's more going on in the first two bars. I did think it was me getting excitable when playing it in and giving it more on the first two bars but defo not that either. Does that make any sense???? Have tried messing with input monitoring and turning any compressors etc off . In summary - 8 bars repeating a 2 bar pattern. First 2 bars record at correct level but then volume drops for remainder of bars.....


Any help mucho appreciated and apologies if it's a thicko question!!


Logic Pro x

Macbook osx 10.9.4

4gb ram, 2.4ghz intel core 2 duo

I-rig as interface

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