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Pads and knobs interactions on the setting of parameters


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Hello everyone.

I'm quite noob at Logic (2 months of experience), so any pertinent content you can recommend me would be nice.

That said, I'd like to expose my case a little: I'm willing to buy a MIDI controller; my doubt is if I get one with more pads or more knobs. I like drone/noise and due to that, knobs and faders are quite important to me ('cause they permit an easy and smooth change on parameters, good both for recording and live plays).

It would be fantastic if I could set pad buttons to change the 'parameters groups' to which the knobs are mapped. Is this possible?

I don't know whether what I want to do was clearly expressed, so a concrete situation:


Spire (synth VST) gives you 4 oscillators. I would like to create 'groups' of parameters, one for each oscillator, containing pertinent parameters I would like to map to each knob. And then I'd like to associate to pad buttons these groups, in the sense that pressing the pad I would change the configuration of my knobs.


Does anyone know how could I do it in Logic Pro X, or if it is possible (whether in Logic or any other DAW)?


By the way, I use a MacBook Air, and the controllers I'm comparing are Novation Launchkey mini and AKAI APC25.

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