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Logic recording/playback workflow for audio recording


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I was wondering if anyone has found an automated process that switches outputs depending on whether logic is in record or playback mode. Just to clarify my needs: all of my work is based around microphone based audio recording. This almost always requires the ability to record and monitor simultaneously where there will be multiple takes.


The reason I ask is that when I’m in recorded mode, for the track(s) that I’m recording, I set the output to “No output” and monitor via my audio interface. (to avoid any latency issues)


When I’m in playback mode I set the outputs back to output 1 and 2, so that I can monitor the backing tracks and the track(s) just recorded.


This is rather tedious as I’m constantly switching my output depending on whether I’m in record or playback mode.


If anyone has come up with a solution to automate this process, or any other tips for record/playback with multiple takes I would love to hear what they are.



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why not just set your record monitoring level in logic to 0 then when your track is no longer armed it will return to a playback monitoring level. I also use the key command move region to selected track alot. (shift command t) this lets me keep the same track armed while moving the audio I want to play back to various presetup tracks.



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