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Using Reaktor's Razor Vocoder LIVE in Logic

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Hey guys!


Hope this is the right section...


Basically, what I want to do is use the vocoder from Razor, with live vocals, in Logic. Currently, I can only get the vocoder to work with pre-recorded vocals which play on a track.

Pressing play and playing notes on my keyboard gives me a vocoded sound on a recorded track. However, if I don't press play, I just get my voice clean, no vocoding effect.


I can get live vocoding to work in Reaktor standalone, but I'd much rather have it in Logic where all my other live VST stuff lives.


Any tips?

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Load Reaktor as a MIDI-Controlled Effect (Instrument slot > AU MIDI-Controlled Effects > Native Instruments > Reaktor5 FX).


Choose the input you want to process live from the Side Chain pop-up menu that's in the upper right corner of the plug-in window.


Now play your MIDI keyboard and sing!



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