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Melodyne - Bad Bug with Logic 10.1 and tempo changes


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I encountered this bug this week and Celemony confimed that it arrived with Logic 10.1. We need to stay after Apple with this. From Celemony:


unfortunately this is a known bug, that occurs with the new Logic version 10.1 and songs with tempo changes and Melodyne instances.

As soon as the playback passes on to the first tempo change, the transfer is stopped and furthermore the audio is not playing in synch on the passages with the tempo changes.


This did not happen with Logic 9 and the last version 10.0.7 and we already communicated this to Apple. Currently the only workaround for this issue is to work with Logic 9 or the last version 10.0.7, if you have songs with tempo changes. Please also report this problem to Apple.


The other workaround is to lock all tracks to SMPTE, create a new tempo map with one tempo throughout, fix the track with melodyne, bounce in place, and then return to the old tempo map.

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