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Which iMac will run Logic X the best?

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I am going to purchase a new iMac specifically to run Logic X. I have been reading this forum and searching for information but hopefully someone here can help me. The posts I have read here from 2013 say to get a Mac Mini. However, the current lineup of Mac Minis are only dual core which I think means they are a no-go. Yes, I will poke around on Apple's refurbished site but I am not too hopeful.


That brings me to the iMacs. The 21 inchers are out for me because I can not upgrade the RAM. This bumps me into the 27 inchers. I have determined I will need a 256 SSD along with a fast external. Will the low-end 27 inch iMac with a 256gb SSD cruise along fast enough to play all my Logic X needs? Or should I be thinking about putting an i7 processor in there? Does it make that much of a difference?


I am thinking the SSD is where I will see the biggest performance boost and not so much from an i5 to an i7. Thoughts? Because if I have to go up to an i7, that bumps me up to around $2,400. For $2,750, I can get the 5k iMac with an i7 chipset and a SSD. The lower end i5 model costs $2,000. I don't want to spend an extra $750 if the $2,000 model will do just fine.


Yes, the plan is to bump up the RAM to 32gigs on any of the 27inch configurations after the fact.


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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I've read a couple of times that i7 is a must, because it increases performance for audio a lot. Google for it and read thru.


I have a 2012 22" iMac with i7 and 16GB RAM so it was one of the low end iMacs upgraded to i7 and max RAM. And it's a beast. It runs all my 90 (!) synth plugins at the same time and CPU is not maxed.


You don't need the ultimate Mac, unless you need 100+ instruments running at 96kHZ or so ;)

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