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Composing to short film timing help/advice

donnie darko

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Hi everyone, i am composing to a half hour long film, i've never done this before so i'm learning as i go. Unfortunately 50% of my time is spent trying to set logic up. I have done a 3rd of the film already, but probably in a really stupid way.


Firstly I have the entire film loaded. Each scene i work on i do the beat mapping so it starts where i am happy. The previous scenes tempo changes slightly which i understand. If i am happy with it i will 'save as' rename the file to scene 2 or whatever, delete the plug-ins from the previous scene and then save again. Stupid i know.


Yesterday i was not happy because the music i composed fit in nicely with the scene. When adjusting beat/tempo for the next scene I click the 'protect midi' button (i think it's called that) in the beat mapping section so it does the midi smpte lock. Then the regions move a bit to follow the film but now they are not on the beats and bars i had originally recorded to. What happens if i need to record more for that scene, the music is not in time. Am i supposed to beat map the entire film before hand so everything is in time? But then chances are the film length will change at some point during the edit and everything is wrong.


Secondly, if i want to have music from a scene crossover to the next while the 2nd scenes music has begun, how is this done? for example: 1st scene is 60bpm and 2nd is 160bpm. An arpeggiated sound from scene 1 fades into the next scene but it will speed up to 160bpm. If i create separate projects for each scene like a i read is the most common way, how do you know what tempo it will be if you have not adjusted the beat mapping/tempo for the next scene? god i'm so confused.


Thank so much,



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