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odd arpeggio when opening logic [SOLVED]


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I installed OS Yosemite. No problem. After it was done I opened Logic Pro X.


When starting a new project I get a repeating arpeggio of the sound on that track. That happens on every track. It only happens when the track is Record Enabled. If not enabled, no sound. If enabled a repeating arpeggio...no matter what sound is loaded on that track.


I reset the Preferences. No effect.

I deleted the Preferences. No effect.

I reloaded Logic Pro X from the App Store. No effect.


Reinstalling Logic should have fixed it but it didn't. Logic Pro X along with Yosemite works perfectly on my laptop but not on the desktop where I really need it. I'm hoping someone has experienced this odd situation and has some insight. My thanks in advance.

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Save the project to your desktop.

Locate it on your desktop and control-click it to choose "Compress name of the project".

This will put the project inside a zip archive.


Post a new reply in this thread and click the "Upload attachment" button, click "Choose File" and navigate to the zipped file on your desktop. Click "Open", then click the "Add the file" button.



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OMG, Jordi! You nailed it! I shut off the Korg, turned it back on and everything was back to normal. It never would have occurred to me that it was that old workhorse! I honestly can't thank you enough for that stroke of brilliance. Thank you my friend.
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