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delete audio inside of a region [SOLVED]


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is there anyway I can delete audio within a region while keeping the region intact

let's say I have a region that is 4 bars long ..

but I have some unnecessary , unwanted audio in the first bar that I would like to delete ..

but I still want the region to remain 4 bars long ..

I would like to edit out some of the audio inside the region while leaving the region intact


I know I've done this in some software somewhere ..

but I'll be damned if I can remember where or how i did it ..

Digital performer maybe ?

I really wish LPX would implement some of that slip , slide and roll stuff that DP has had forever..


anyway ... can we do this in LPX1 ?

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On this topic, is there a way to keep the regions intact but swap out the audio file with a replacement? (I think Reaper does this). I thought I read somewhere that 10.1 has some kind of feature like this?


What do you mean by swapping out the audio file? What do you imagine you want to do? drag an audio over the region and swap them out? I'm not sure how that would work since there is no guarantee that the two audios would be the same region-length.


Maybe we can suggest a better process if you described how something like this would fit in your workflow.


Shooting in the dark, but there is a function called "Paste Replace" which has a hot key Shift-CMD-V

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Thanks. My purpose for this: Let's say I had chopped up the regions / had them already edited to specific bars. Then I decided I would like to replace the audio content with that of another file (e.g. different synth). This solution would allow me swap out the region's current audio file with a new file — as opposed to importing the new file (one long continuous region) where I would have to "re-chop" and edit the regions all over again for that file.


In other words, the regions would stay as they are but the audio represented in them would change. The file I would be using to replace it would be the same length (like maybe a different bass tone, or synth, or whatever)— not a random loop— there would be a purpose here. Hope that makes sense.


My only thought would be to name the file the same, and maybe Logic would recognize? I thought there was something in the release notes on 10.1 that made me think there was now something like this added. How does Logic handle paste/replace?

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@macmuse - How did you resolve this? I'd like to swap audio files on a track that has automation. Here's my situation.


I'm mastering a song with vocals. The artist would like me to use the same mastering parameters for the instrumental version of the same song. I'd like to simply swap the vocal audio file for the instrumental audio file so I can keep the plugins and automation.


I'd like to do this without tricking the project file by moving the audio files for the vocal mixes to another folder and then having to locate the instrumental mixes.


Any info is much appreciated.

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I never solved this, but I, like you, would love to be able to swap files, leaving the regions intact. I would imagine perhaps if you name the new file the same as the old one that's represented in the region, then delete the original, that perhaps Logic would just replace it thinking it's the same file, maybe? I think Reaper has a dialog box or something that you just tell it to swap A with B, so to speak.
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