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Logic remote app on iPad won't connect to Logic X on mac pro


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Hi there Folks,


I've a a mac pro that refuses to cpnnect to Logic remote on my iPad( iPad 2 running OS 7). When i open the app on the iPad, logic X recognises the presence of the signal and asks if i want to connect to the iPad but when i say yes and press the correct computer to connect to on the iPad, it fails to open on the song and just gets stuck saying "please select the application to control... ". it's not the iPad as the exact same procedure works fine with my macbook running the same OS mavericks and Logic X. When i look in the controller surface set up preference page on the mac pro, the input port and output port are greyed out. when I press select 'Angus' mac pro' in the connect window on the iPad( the iPad can see that the mac pro is there) the output/input port in logics control surface page lights up briefly but returns to greyed out..Any pointers .. its curious.. i have also replicated the Sharing configuration from the macbook in the mac pro system preferences.



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