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Presonus Faderport - how to install


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I am the (unlucky?) owner of a Presonus Faderport, which I know is notorious for not getting along with Logic. I would like to share my experience in getting it to work (mostly!), and questions on how to get it 100% working.


  1. Out of the box, I tried to install it as a HUI device but I couldn't get it to work. This might have been my fault though.
  2. I decided to update the firmware. Went to Presonus Faderport page, downloaded the installer, went through the process. Well, it didn't work! For some reason, they have an outdated firmware download on their website that kills the motorized fader.
  3. The real updated firmware (1.3.8) is in their support site:
  4. I installed it as a HUI device following these instructions:


Up to this point, most of the functions are working.


There's also the option to install natively with a special bundle:




Have you guys tried this one? Does it work better? Does it will break with every Logic update?


Here's the stuff that doesn't work for me, when set up as HUI:


  • Output channel select (I think that one has never worked with Logic)
  • Punch: clicking this makes Logic go crazy, not sure what it does but it seems to write an erase a marker constantly?
  • Prev Next and Mark
  • RTZ: it does the same as Start, going to the left locator.


I suppose the next step is to dig into the controllers window and try to program it so it does what I want it to do. So far, I've found that window very confusing, but I'm very new to Logic.

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I've tried to assign the "add marker" shortcut to the User button, using the keyboard shortcuts window. It worked a bit too well: using the button instantly created a constant stream of markers, as if it was pressed down all the time. Any ideas?


Presonus support has been slow and not helpful at all so far.

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Before mine got relegated to the back of a dusty drawer, I remember that a few of the buttons didn't work with the default setup. It could even have been those ones.


Delete them from the Controller Assignments window before making your own assignments.


The most annoying thing for me (and the deal-breaker) was that it stops recording automation if you don't move the fader (but your finger is still on it).

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For future reference, here's the final reply from Presonus Support:


Presonus Technical Support has no information on further development at the Faderport at this time, but we are taking a proactive look at creating a future update for our customers in the near future.


I hope they don't abandon this wonderful product. My fader mode buttons are all lighting up at once, which doesn't look too good...

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