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iLok or iLok2 Required?

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One thing I noticed, when I try to buy some libraries, it says: iLok or iLok2 Required?!?! Is it a physical device? I just wanna download it and start working. It's a downloadable version but I need to buy and ship this thing? Really?


How can I do not to need this? I live in Brazil, I don't plan to order and ship it and wait like 1 month to get this thing.


Isn't there a clever way to have this security device? Like digital? Like banks do?


Please help me out!!


Thanks a lot.



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If a software product you want to buy requires an iLok or iLok2 dongle, there's nothing you can do to avoid that. You need to buy one if you want to use the software. It's the copy-protection used by some software companies.


I'm pretty sure you will find a music store in Brazil that sells these things.



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