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Logic Pro X - Sampler Instruments Folder


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Running Logic Pro 10.1

Macbook Pro 10.10 2.8GHz 16GB


Does anyone have a definitive list of what sampler instruments should be in the Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments folder as dowloaded as part of Logic X please? I have downloaded the full package from within Logic but seem to have folders missing - see grab.

On booting up the new Logic, the scanning for EXS24 instruments takes a long time (9 was instant) - is it looking for the missing instruments? Anyone else have this? Fixes?




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Do you find there is a long wait while Logic is scanning the EXS instruments on boot up?


Nothing of the sort here really. Takes like 4 seconds from the moment I click the icon on the dock until its open. I do have Logic's content on my computer's system drive, which happens to be an SSD. So, I get what I expect.



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