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Latency on Audio playback


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I am a logic 9 user and being abroad to collaborate with a fellow musician I bought a mid 2011 iMac 2.8GHz Core i7 16 GB Memory 2TB HD OS X 10.10.2 and just started using my colleague Logic X. I found it a bit awkward at first because I couldn't get the Audio editor Function button to chance gain on the track and realized it had to be activated manually from the setting. ( In Logic 7,8,9 everything was set up you only had to concentrate on playing well ) To get the hang of it I started recording a cover using Logic Software Drums and the rest just Audio Tracks. I brought with me from home an old portable SaffireControl LE 3222 Firewire Audio Interface, loaded the software and it worked just fine. Being short of time I used Logic Drums the way I was using Addictive Drums on Logic 9 by splitting all the instruments in separate tracks with a different kit or sampler on each one. Recorded the all thing fine, playback good. then I decided to change the lead vocal. The new take was quite a few ticks behind the bit. oops..checked everything I could on Audio setting but couldn't work it out. Quit Logic without saving, unplugged and switched off the Audio Interface, relaunched Logic and then Saffire LE and it recognized it and used it and started recording the new vocal part. Same thing, massive latency (I used a new track with no plug ins just in case) so I opened a new File created an audio track and used only the click to record a guitar take. it was in sync. I then opened 6 more audio tracks and 7 for the software drums: Cymb, H Hat, Toms, two Kicks two Snares and copied and pasted all the tracks in the new project. Worked fine. Tune sounded good enough to go on a CD so today I decided to beef up a part..Back to latency!! Spent the last hour trying to work out why instead of producing something. Very frustrating. Can anyone help on this one?
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