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Guitars! (Without any actual guitars)


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Painstaking cutting/pasting/tweaking/fading/boosting/transposing/pitching/stretching/merging of guitar sample snippets from various sample libraries + some guitar samples played on keyboard + a lot effects-processing to cover up all the artificiality...


Maybe it would be easier to just learn how to play guitar, eh? :)


One thing's for sure – I'm not going through this again! My fingers are sore, my eyes are exhausted, and my entire right arm aches from the endless clicks & drags.


Anyway – feedback welcome!





/ Martin

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I'm sold! (And I'm a guitarist)


I don't particularly enjoy the track though, not my cup of tea. But well done in any case!


But I have to say it would be a lot easier to get a guitarist to do it. :D most of the licks aren't that hard, a decent guitarist would have nailed it in two-three takes.

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