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Apple Loops not saving plugin settings


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Seems to only apply to plugins that host other plugins e.g. Blue Cat's Patchwork, Native Instruments Kore.

Changes made (such as adding/removing plugins and adjusting plugin parameters) will not be saved in an Apple Loop (AL) unless the project is saved after the changes are made.



1. Load Patchwork.

2 .Load Massive inside Patchwork.

3. Create a midi region and save as an AL.

4. Drag AL into Arrangement.

5. The newly created Patchwork will not contain Massive.


Every time you make changes to these plugins you have to save the project before you create the AL.

It's probably safest to save the project every time even if you don't use 'hosting' type plugins, because the bug could be more widespread. I don't know and I couldn't be f**ked doing further troubleshooting. If Apple wants to pay me to beta test their sh*tware it might be a different story.

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