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Trying to get correct BPM of an acapella...[SOLVED]


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Hey all,


I am trying to match an acapella to an original song so that I can get it in the correct BPM before I warp it/remix it and what not.

Generally my steps are as follows:

1. Load original song into DAW

2. Find the BPM of that song, make sure it matches click

3. Load in acapella, line it up as close as possible to the corrected song.

4. Once it lines up, go into Time & Pitch Machine and warp the BPM to what I want or turn on Flex tool and just pull out the various parts to whatever tempo I want it.


BUT, the issue I am having is that I can't line up this song to the click if my life depended on it.

It is somewhere between 73.3 and 73.4 but it will always start to float off....

I tried going in with the flex tool and pulling the obvious notes to different downbeats and what not, but once the drums drop out, I have nothing to guide my ear and all hell is breaking loose....


I've also tried just taking the original song, putting into Time & Pitch Machine and setting general BPM's like 73 then changing it to 75 but even at 75 BPM its still off. I feel like I have to get the original BPM correct before making drastic changes.


What are some other ways I can get this BPM exact? It;s driving me nuts that I am so close yet can't get it right....help!

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Check out this vid:



In Logic Pro X, you can find the function "Adjust Tempo using Beat Detection" as in attached picture.


About the acapella:

Try to find the tempo of the full version of the song from which the acapella is derived.

(Google it, or tap along with some tempo tap phone app for example, or use MixedinKey app, which is not free)


Than indeed, with Time & Pitch Machine, you can put in that tempo and convert it to the tempo you like.


Now, line up both song and acapella to a downbeat on Logic's grid and you should be good to go.


Hope this helps !


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