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Hi all


I have been messing around with logic in general for a few years now, and have slowly taught myself the various functions through youtube tutorials and similar websites.


I am looking to get a little more involved with my music production and was hoping that someone could refer me to a decent course teaching you how to use the software and giving you structure when learning how to produce a song from finish to end. I am focused on EDM based music.


I was looking at berklee's online course but they have an extremely high tuition fee... Please may someone refer me to a legit course or series of tutorial videos.


Thanks in advance:)

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May I recommend my book? Most people who've bought it seem to love it. ;) It comes with professional Logic Pro session files that you use to complete the step by step exercises in the book. A more engaging and interactive way to learn than watching video tutorials!


Click here to buy it.


Follow the book on Facebook! => http://www.facebook.com/logicprobook



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Another option that is more focused on what you're wanting to accomplish would be a tutorial video series called "Producing EDM in Logic Pro X" written by Timothy Allan. It's only $35 for 28 chapters (videos) with a running time of over 7 hours. It includes session files so you can follow along. It can be downloaded for use on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.


There are two videos you can watch for free to help you decide on whether or not to purchase the tutorials. I always suggest this product to friends that want to learn how to use Logic to create dance music and have heard a lot of great things about it. Check it out - http://www.groove3.com/str/Producing-EDM-in-Logic-Pro-X.html Good luck :)


- xpander

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