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Drum names + looped region - MIDI editing bug! [FIXED]


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How to reproduce:

1, new project.

2, add a Drum Machine Designer.

3, add a MIDI Region. Double click to open in MIDI editor.

4, switch on Drum Names.

5, add some notes.

6, move any note up and down, and it is OK.

7, now, drag some loop for this region.

8, PROBLEM: now when you drag any note up and down, it jumps double distance.


Only happens when the region is looped and in Drum Names mode. Switch off Drum Names mode then everything is normal again.


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I can also confirm this behaviour.

But it is not related to Drum Machine Designer. Same thing happens with every instrument that supports Drum names and only when the region is looped.

The equation is this [moved semitones] + [moved semitones] * [looped copies].


A workaround is to use key commands to move your events around.


I'll edit the name of this bug report.

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