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Input "echo" from mic


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I bought a new audio interface (Universal Audio Apollo Twin SOLO). I am getting a signal/sound into Logic X on a track with no effects applied. However, the sound of my voice is not "flat." It is like talking inside of a chamber. I seem to remember getting this the last time I setup a new audio interface some years ago, but I cannot find where this effect is being applied to the input. Suggestions?
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I think I found it. I had the I/O buffer set at 1024 for mixing. When I changed it to 128 the hollow sound seemed to disappear, or is a lot lower.


I think there is a way to monitor the mic directly through the audio interface to minimize any latency, but I am not sure how to do it or if I would be able to hear the playback from Logic X (and record) at the same time. Anyone who can give me some direction it would be appreciated.

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I just wanted to write and thank you for providing a solution to the problem I was having which was hearing echo in the headphones while recording. Sure enough, I had changed that I/O buffer setting to 1024 from 62 and that's what was causing the problem.


I really appreciate people providing solutions in this excellent forum. Thanks to all!

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