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Midi distortion in Yosemite (too many samples triggered?)


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Hey all, I just upgraded to Yosemite with the latest Logic Pro X and I've noticed some weird behavior when trying to play certain intervals. For instance, if I press and hold down a middle C then press the C an octave below it simultaneously, that second C plays heavily distorted. It almost seems like there are too many samples being triggered at once for that one lower C note (sounds like 5 notes playing at 127 velocity all at the same time!) This also happens when playing tritones (press and hold F#, then the C below that distorts as well). This happens with other notes as well, but I'm finding it's usually the same intervals with different notes (Octave E's distort too).


This happens in Logic no matter which instrument I use. That includes instruments within Logic such as piano's and keyboards, but it also happens when using Kontakt player 5.5.4. I'm using a Novation Impulse 49, but don't remember having the problem prior to upgrading to Yosemite. I have the most recent drivers installed for the Novation, and I've updated Logic and Yosemite too but to no avail...


I really hope somebody has experienced this and has a fix! I'm testing out my keyboard in Ableton later today, and am looking into other MIDI Controllers just in case. But I'm stranded for the time being so let me know if you have any ideas-


Thanks so much everyone,



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Through further investigation I've found that when using logic instruments, the 'distorting' notes are actually recorded as max velocity (127) notes. I can edit them and it plays just fine, so now I'm starting to think it's an error with my Novation Impulse. Not sure why it would have just started up with Yosemite though!
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So I gave the offending key a good whack and it stuck on max velocity notes, then another good whack and everything is back to normal! I don't encourage anybody to 'whack' their misbehaving products, but this time it worked for me...



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