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Automation Problems [SOLVED]


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I am finding that my track automation curves are being over-ridden by something that I can't identify. In one particular region, the volume will jump higher in a spot during a sustained note, where I can find no other automation curve to account for it either track- or region-based, in this track or any other.
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New information: I exported the region and imported it into an empty project with the same channel strip, then exported it back into the original project, The unpredictable volume hike had disappeared.


The copy I have no longer has that glitch. If I come up with another exemplar, I will send the project to you. It's 2 Mb. Is attaching it to a post going to work? I could stick it in a Dropbox folder for you, but I would need an email address.

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Please do not host your file on 3rd party websites or send it privately. Instead, attach it to the thread, so that everyone who wants to understand and follow the discussion can download it. First, in the Finder, control-click the logic file and choose "Compress...." to get a .zip file.


2 MB is quite small, so that won't be an issue.


I will mark this thread as solved. If this issue rears its ugly head again, edit your original post to remove the "[sOLVED]" part so we can continue helping you.

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