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10.1 update region automation bug


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Hi all


Overall, I'm delighted with the latest update...some stunning features.


However, I'm having terrible trouble with region-based automation. When I set up automation (region-based, track-based is working fine) on a track and have more than one automation parameter/lane on it when I close and then re-open automation Logic has re-assigned one of the parameters to another parameter (one that I haven't even generated any automation data for).


For example, I created automation for a delay plug-in on an audio track affecting 2 parameters (dry/wet and delay time). I close down automation in the usual way. When I reopen automation to tweak these data the dry/wet data is now applied to the attack time on a compressor I have as insert on the channel strip. I fix the problem. But when I re-open automation now the parameter is mapped to an EQ I have as an insert on the channel strip. Always the same: the parameter is moved to another plug-in on the channel strip.


It's rendered region-based automation useless for me.


I've read elsewhere on here that other people are having problems with MIDI instruments going crazy when automation is created. I don't have this problem. Nor is it the issue with automation not appearing at all: I have had this problem when I opened an older Logic project (created before 10.1) in 10.1 - I solved this by using the new Zoom function (when I turn this on the automation lanes appear).






Logic 10.1

iMac 2012 32GB RAM

OS 10.9

UAD Apollo

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