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Correct accidental +5000 sample recording delay [SOLVED]


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I recorded a whole lot of tracks using take folders after inadvertently setting a +5000 sample recording delay. Obviously they are now out of sync.


I have spent hours searching the net and trying to figure out how to pull the take folder regions back by 5000 samples so the recordings sync up.


The main issues seem to be that I can't find a ruler value in the main window for samples. I saw a suggestion that I could do it in the file editor, but it would appear that I have to unpack the take folder to do this and then adjust each pass separately. I don't want to unpack just yet as I want to take advantage of quick swipe comping.


Put simply, my question is how do I reverse the +5000 sample recording delay on my take folder regions?


Thanks in advance




Logic Pro 10.1.0

Macbook Pro 13 inch Early 2011

2.3 GHz intel core i5

OSX Yosemite 10.10.2

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