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SMPTE lock automation, audio v MIDI regions


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I just posted this feedback to Apple and wonder if I am missing something very basic here, or is this a real problem?:


Bug Report &/or feature request: If I Convert track automation to region, then SMPTE-lock the region; OR, if I create new region-based automation, then SMPTE-lock the region, the following is true: If the region is a MIDI region, the automation/fader events inside will be SMPTE-locked. But, if the region is an audio region, the embedded automation will not be SMPTE-locked. This limits what was already a poor workaround for the missing ability to easily lock a track or a project without worrying that tempo changes might cause regions and their automation to become mis-aligned. I've always advocated for a SMPTE-lock TRACK option, if not an option to lock everything in a project. Currently one has to manually enter each audio region in the list editor to view and lock automation events.

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