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Changing tempo in part of a song help

DAR Fritz

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I working on a track for a songwriter who started a song out too fast. He finally settled in after the first verse. I'm trying to find a way to gradually increase the tempo a "couple" of BPM in the beginning. I tried flex time by changing the BPM but am getting artifacts. I also mixed a stereo test went into the time and pitch machine to see if I could mix a test part to edit and can't seem to get it to work.


Am I missing something? I've looked online and can't seem find anything that works.


Thanks in advance!

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You can try this trick from Logic 9 where you can manuallly tap along to build a tempo map; but be aware you're going to have to use the guide below it to do this in LPX since some of the menus have moved around, and I don't remember the exact menu name changes or locations of where the menu changes have taken place.

It does still work, but in typical Apple fashion is more convoluted now than it used to be ....


(Logic 9)


http://support.apple.com/kb/PH13228 (Logic X)

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