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Some keys on Korg M1 produce no sounds

Timbo the Bassman

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can anyone help me with a weird problem.

I am using a Korg M1 as my master keyboard, output midi on ch1.

It was working fine until recently, now I get no sound from most of the keys.

The incoming midi show activity but only notes C1-A1 sound, then A#1-C#2 are silent, D2-F2 sound, then F#2 causes logic to scroll through its open screens (and no sound). D3-G#4 are OK (but G#4 key brings up a "save document" dialogue box), C5-C#5 OK, then nothing, except one of the keys (not sure which, starts loop recording.

A right pickle, as you will agree.

Now, if I open Garageband, everything is fine.


anybody got any ideas? :oops:

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Thanks, I tried that but it didn't seem to work. I finally took the drastic action of un-installing Logic, and doing a clean install. This didn't make any difference, I then ran the updaters, and now it is all OK.

weird, or what?


Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond.

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