Control Multiple Instruments on Different MIDI Channels

Controlling multiple instruments on different MIDI channels in Logic is easy, and it does not require you to ever open the environment! It also allows you to record different controller keyboards on different software instrument or external MIDI tracks. Whether you’re trying to use an external sequencer (like an MPC 2000, or even another computer running Logic) to trigger instruments within Logic, or whether you’re simply trying to play different instruments using different MIDI controllers, read on.

  1. Put Logic in Multiplayer Mode.

    In Logic Pro X, choose File > Project Settings > Recording, and under MIDI, select Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording.
    auto dmix.png

  2. Set Each Controller Keyboard’s MIDI Channel.

    Choose a MIDI channel for each controller, and refer to each controller’s manual to see how to change the MIDI channel they transmit on.
    You can skip that step if you’re using an MPC or another external MIDI sequencer (where tracks already transmits MIDI data on their own channel).

  3. Set Each Logic Track’s MIDI Channel.

    In Logic, set each instrument track’s MIDI channel parameter so they are triggered by the controller sending on that channel.
    MIDI Channel.png

  4. Record-arm each Logic track.


You should now have each controller play the individual tracks corresponding to their MIDI number. If you have any issues making this work, make sure to come and ask on the forum!

David Nahmani

David Nahmani

Guitarist and Music Producer based in Los Angeles, California

Logic Pro X Author, Consultant and Trainer.

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