Logic Pro X 10.3.3 is out!

New in Logic Pro X 10.3.3

New Features/Enhancements

  • Logic Pro X now supports up to 36 cores.
  • Sculpture and Amp Designer are now optimized for iMac Pro, and deliver up to 12 times the performance compared to previous versions.
  • Sculpture offers a new high-definition mode that provides higher string resolution.

Stability and Reliability

  • Loops, Channel Strip settings and other content are again available on Macs using APFS (Apple File System), and on which Logic 8 or Logic 9 had been installed prior to Logic Pro X.
  • Logic no longer quits unexpectedly:
    • Sometimes when user loops created in Logic Pro X 10.0.7 – 10.1.1 are dragged into the Tracks area.
    • When adjusting the left corner off a region in projects that contain an Environment Macro that includes a Sysex fader.
    • When the Enter key is pressed to start a bounce while the mouse is being used to adjust the start or end point of the bounce.
    • When the Tracks menu is selected while the Audio File Editor is open with no audio region loaded.
    • When Repeat Section is used on a region in an Electronic Drummer track.
    • When previewing audio in the Audio Bin after enabling Transient Editing in the Audio File Editor.
    • Sometimes when on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar the Shift key is used to add to the region selection in the Tracks area where the Score window has focus.
    • When the Shift and Option keys are used while adjusting the length of notes in an independent Event List window.
    • Sometimes when inserting Program Change events into the Piano Roll in MIDI Draw view.
    • When right-clicking a line break in the Score.
    • When pressing OK to confirm a clef change in the Score.
    • Logic no longer sometimes hangs when the “Convert Sustain Pedal to Note Length” Score function is used.


  • Sidechain detection is no longer delayed when the side chain source is a Software Instrument track in Live Mode.
  • Latency compensation now works reliability with plug-ins inserted as Dual Mono or Multichannel.
  • Amp Designer no longer sometimes changes gain unexpectedly after stopping or repositioning the Playhead.
  • Tracks that include MIDI plug-ins again play back when frozen.
  • Scripter now reliably transmits MIDI events on time in scripts that start with a Needs TimingInfo = true statement.
  • Software Instrument tracks that include a Scripter plug-in no longer sometimes reset the instrument to a default sound when the project is reloaded or the audio driver is relaunched.
  • Tracks using the EXS24 Coffee Shop Percussion or Latin Percussion instruments now play in sync when triggered by the Scripter “Drum Probability Sequencer” script.


  • Alchemy no longer fails to show its installed Library in certain very rare cases.


  • The Piano Roll now reliably shows velocity bars on notes the first time it is opened after recording MIDI into a new project.
  • The Piano Roll again shows MIDI notes as they are being recorded.
  • The length display of notes in the Event List is now reliably correct in projects that include time signature changes.
  • The Step Editor now updates immediately as notes are moved using the Finger Tool.
  • Vertical Auto-zoom again works correctly in the Audio Track Editor.
  • The keystroke combination to temporarily limit dragging to one direction in the Piano Roll again works as expected.
  • Roland U-110 synth modules no longer display a check sum error when an associated Sysex Fader in the Environment is adjusted.
  • It is again possible to create velocity ramps in MIDI Draw that maintain the existing relative values of note velocities.


  • It is again possible to modify the start and end time of a bounce using Voiceover
  • The VoiceOver cursor now reliably remains functional when shortening a region at all zoom levels.
  • Navigating into an open Take Folder with VoiceOver no longer causes a continuous system beep.
  • Switching from the Main Window Piano Roll to the Score with Voiceover no longer causes the editor to close.
  • Using the Shift key with the cursor with VoiceOver to adjust the granularity of movement while positioning the Playhead no longer causes a Logic is Busy alert or an unexpected hang.
  • Adjusting the loop length of a Drummer region with VoiceOver no longer causes the loop handle to sometimes jump unexpectedly to the next region in the track.


  • There is no longer a large unexpected offset when inserting objects into the score in page mode in documents with multiple pages.
  • Brackets for Guide Accidentals in the Score are again visible as expected.

Track Alternatives

  • Packing regions into a folder no longer causes Track Alternatives on other tracks to disappear.
  • Hidden Track Alternatives that are packed into a Folder no longer display in the wrong position when viewed inside the Folder.


  • Bouncing a project while Logic is downloading content no longer sometimes results in bounced files with corrupted audio.
  • Mono tracks that contain Mono > Stereo plug-ins again playback as stereo after they are frozen.


  • Comping now works correctly when the “Select Tracks on Region Selection” preference is turned on.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers

  • Waveform zoom again works as expected with Mackie C4 control surfaces.
  • Logic no longer displays an incorrect “Incompatible EuCon version” error with EuCon software version 3.7.


  • Movies now play back when the Show/Hide Movie command is used while the movie preview is closed in the Inspector.


  • MIDI settings for External Instruments that are saved as part of a Patch are now reliably maintained when the patch is reloaded.
  • Setting a Track Delay on an External MIDI track no longer sometimes affects the timing and note lengths of notes on other tracks.
  • The note overview of MIDI regions now updates immediately to reflect changes to the region content when Automation is visible.
  • Notes sent to External MIDI tracks no longer sometimes hang when using Rewind or Rewind by Division when there is a Track Delay set for the External Instrument track.
  • Custom icons now are reliably sorted into the correct order on Macs with APFS formatted drives.
  • Logic now successfully create project backups on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • The Musical Grid now shows reliably when it is set as the secondary ruler.

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