Logic Pro X 10.4 released

What’s new in Logic Pro 10.4

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Automation Step Editing

Press Option when drawing automation with the Pencil tool for step editing. The step length can be adjusted by zooming horizontally or by choosing the desired resolution from the Snap pop-up menu (under Snap > Snap Automation > …).

Smart Tempo

With Smart Tempo you can record a performance without the metronome and have Logic Pro keep the project tempo and flex the recording to match it, or adapt the project tempo to match the tempo of the performance. You can also use Smart Tempo when importing audio files with different tempos or tempo variations to have Logic Pro keep the project tempo and flex the audio regions to match it, or adapt the project tempo to use the tempos of the audio files. For more information, see Smart Tempo overview and Work in the File Tempo Editor.

New Drummers

Two new Drummers and a new Brush Kit. You can find Austin and Tyrell in the Songwriter category.

Articulation Handling

For software instruments that provide multiple articulations, Logic Pro provides new controls for creating, editing, and choosing articulations. You can view and change parameters for existing Articulation Sets, and create and save new Articulation Sets, using the Articulation Editor, then quickly change articulations while working in the Editors. For more information, see Manage articulations with the Articulation Set Editor and Manage articulations for software instruments.

Studio Instruments

The Studio instruments are high quality multisampled brass and string players that offer a collection of solo and grouped instrument presets. Each preset provides a range of articulations that let you create expressive, nuanced performances and recordings. For more information, see Studio Horns overview and Studio Strings overview.

Vintage Mellotron

Vintage Mellotron recreates the features and a number of sounds from this famous keyboard instrument that has featured on dozens of classic rock and pop songs from the 1960s, ‘70s, and beyond. For more information, see Vintage Mellotron overview.


Several modulation enhancements including new Envelope Follower and MIDI modulation functions have been added. See Alchemy modulation overview. Also included are new loop length params, new solo functions, improved undo and drag and drop functionality.


Logic Pro features a variety of new effects to use in your projects, including: ChromaVerb, Vintage EQ collection, Phat FX, and Step FX. The Space Designer and Direction Mixer plug-ins have been extensively redesigned.

Support for ARA with the Melodyne plug-in

Logic Pro now supports Audio Random Access (ARA) for the Melodyne plug-in. ARA enables Logic Pro and the Melodyne plug-in to share song structure information and analysis results. See Support for Audio Random Access with ARA 2 compatible plug-ins.


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