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  1. aaaaaaand it's not fixed. guess it's an issue with 3rd party plugins (they're all M1 versions though). not using much built in instruments so i can't really say I had so much trouble with Logic, hanging notes and plug-in’s not working correctly. It turned out it was enabling MIDI 2.0 in preferences that caused it.
  2. That’s odd, it’s working okay for me here. If you load a single SINE instrument articulation in Logic without keyswitches, does that work? Did you make the articulation sets yourself, or buy them? I bought some, and while most were fine, a lot for SINE actually had the wrong key switches (I could see the wrong key being pressed on the SINE keyboard). I shifted the switches in SINE and they worked. It’s certainly peculiar if putting the key switches in manually doesn’t work either.
  3. What's your take on Logic so far, coming from Studio One? I'm currently moving the other direction - not very pleased with Apple killing off Catalina in the latest updates for Logic and have been giving Studio One a pretty serious look. Loving Macros, Scenes, view filters, and search in S1. I've been using Logic all the time I've been using Studio One. I love the drag and drop workflow, but over the last year or so I've found myself drifting back towards Logic full time. Getting an M1 has solidified that. I couldn't really tell you why!
  4. You can do this with Patches to the arrange window and it will create a new track. At least the last time I tried this it worked. From the finder to the Logic Arrange. Thanks. I've just bought a new M1 Max laptop and it seems to work on that, so it must be machine dependent. Hopefully they'll make it possible to drag and drop from the files browser in future updates, that would be support handy. The library browser is fine, but I don't like the way it loads patches as soon as they're clicked on.
  5. I'm using Ozone 9 on Monterey M1, no issues here as yet.
  6. East West Opus is now Universal Binary.
  7. I see. Well hopefully then if they announced it it's just a matter of time before they implement it?
  8. I was interested in seeing if I could drag a cst file complete with instrument and MIDI/audio effects from the finder. Then if that worked, I was going to see if I could add the cst folder as a favourite in the Logic browser, so I could drag and drop instrument presets into a project - similar to the way Studio One works. I currently use patches too but was interested in the drag and drop approach as I like that workflow in Studio One.
  9. Yup, I tried the same here. Thanks David.
  10. Has anyone managed to drag a CST file from the finder to a channel strip header? I've tried dragging all types of CST files to locations all over the channel strip but can never get it to work.
  11. Noooooo, this is the first time my production machine isn't new enough for the latest Logic! Decisions decisions.
  12. I just read a solution to this in another forum. Use a right click instead of a normal left click when trying to move a node that's overlaid by a scrollbar. I just tested it and it seems to work.
  13. I'm getting a smart TV in a few months (for the first time in years). What does Apple TV bring to the plate that I can't already do on the Smart TV? I honestly have been falling way behind on that tech, and have no idea. After working my way through most of the streaming boxes, I ended up with an Apple TV. The picture quality is stunning, and the whole system is considerably more responsive than others I've used. Of course if you're already in the Apple ecosystem, then that's a benefit too. It backs up and syncs with iCloud like other devices, works with iPhones, HomePods and AirPlay 2 etc. We also use ours as a HomeKit hub to automate our home. So over time it's become pretty useful.
  14. As soon as Apple created the Apple One music/TV etc subscription service, I wondered how long it would be before they came up with a 'Pro Apps' version too.
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